Leave your lasting legacy
By including Winnebago County CASA in your estate plans, you can create a lasting impact that transcends generations. Your legacy offers enduring advocacy and hope to children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect and are in the juvenile justice system.
There are meaningful ways to make a planned gift, such as a bequest in a will or trust, beneficiary designation of a retirement plan, IRA, life insurance policy, or account, and other thoughtful giving options. 
Leaving a legacy gift to support children in need is simple. You can easily include a bequest in your will or designate Winnebago County CASA as a beneficiary, ensuring that your generosity continues to make a difference. Additionally, you can explore tax-wise gift arrangements that provide lifetime income for you and your loved ones or pass on assets to heirs with reduced tax implications.
Create a Meaningful Bequest

Making a bequest is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to support our community. With the assistance of an advisor, you can include specific language in your will or trust to designate a gift to your family, friends, or Winnebago County CASA as part of your estate plan. 
To help you, here are sample bequest language for a will, codicil, or revocable living trust:

I give (legal description of property, specific dollar amount, desired percentage, or the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate) to: 
Winnebago County CASA, a not-for-profit organization 501(c)(3)
211 S. Court St., Suite 258
Rockford, IL 61101
EIN: 36-3598643
For more information, please contact Jim Hutson at (815)318-6885 or jhutson@winnebagocountycasa.org