Winnebago County CASA is blessed to have many individuals serving as advocates for children who have experienced abuse and neglect in our community. Not only do our volunteers calm the children as they dodge life’s curve balls, but they also meet with parents/guardians, and they mediate relations with school staff, medical professionals and other child welfare personnel. Most importantly, CASAs serve as the child’s voice in the court system. Because of their efforts, these children do not languish in group or foster homes unnecessarily. Out staff recruits and provides extensive training to these volunteers, as well as ongoing support and resources as they manage their cases.

Not everyone is able to be an advocate, but everyone can help. Over the past year, CASA has touched the lives of over 370 children through 114 dedicated volunteers. There are many hundreds of additional children in our community who would benefit from having a CASA advocate assigned to their case. To provide that, CASA must recruit, train and support more advocate volunteers. You can help us do that with your gift.

Every child has a story, and your donation can help us give every one of them a happier ending. Won’t you please help?

We sincerely appreciate your commitment!

Leslie Erickson
Board President

Jillisa Bondurant
Program Director